Recorded at the Office January thru May 2009.
Live and no overdubs or edits.

This is WBR0001 (formerly released as ··— #1)


released October 12, 2009

Patrick Gilbert - drums
R Magnelli - guitar + vocals + cookie sheet
OcasiaNally - bass


all rights reserved



Belt of Venus Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Noise/punk power trio from Pittsburgh, PA
2008 - 2009

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Track Name: The Burning Spear
I'm not afraid to say I'm scared
In my bed I'm deep in prayer
I trust the speed; I love the fear
The music comes; the Burning Spear
Track Name: The Iron Man/Body Hammer
In a mirror see I'm covered with steel
Tin in my brain and I can't feel
In black and white she's gonna scream
"Yr skins become a metal machine"

Body Hammer!

In urban sprawl of lucid dreams
Rhythmic pipes carve midnight steam
In the kitchen where the milk is spilt
I'm lying, tripping on a dose of guilt
Get over here bitch; c'mon let's shove
'Cause there's a twisting spear that's gushing love

Body Hammer!

Lo-fi chaos is a groaning beast
Pale, barren land; wire-garden of grease
In TV signals the doctor says
Yr face is jewelry covered in lead
Track Name: Ota Benga
Ota Benga
Stuck in the zoo
Ota Benga
Stuck in the zoo
Nothing to do
But boil inside
Was it eugenicide?

But I am a man!

Did you see the full moon rise as Ota Benga set himself ablaze?
Revolver in hand and born again fangs

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